Prior to taking over Bel Brand’s portfolio of business, Mini Babybel had no real market presence. By the time I left, we had developed a unique look and feel, significantly increased brand awareness, and secured Mini Babybel's place as a category leader in wholesome and healthy snacking.
Working with a tight budget, we got creative crafting fun social executions. Such as this one, where we asked followers to recommend costumes for Mini Babybel leading up to Halloween. We then posted the little cheese trying them on. When the big day arrived, we gave a shout out to the top pick.
Television / Online Videos:
Children were able to generate their very own “larger than life” snack time names. They could then post them to social media or print them to be added to their lunchbox for a little afternoon flair with friends around the lunchtime table.
Perforated inserts, centered around wholesome rewards, provided surprise perks that parents could cutout and pack with their child's lunch.

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