Buyers were returning to dealers demanding their warrantied brake systems be replaced due to squealing (at a significant cost to the company). Porsche needed to educate buyers and dealer technicians on the origins of brake squeal, while changing perceptions around the issue. So we developed an online film that shows brake squeal is common in Porsche vehicles, and actually assures the state-of-the-art braking system is working properly. Turning brake squeal into a positive for Porsche owners and sports car enthusiasts in general.
Case Study:
Online Video Link:
Within the first week of the film's release, 70+ trusted online automotive pubs picked up the story. Resulting in over 1.7BN free media impressions. After the first quarter, Porsche dealerships reported related service issues dropped 61%. The film has been translated into 37 different languages across 4 continents. But the best was discovering competitor brands were using the video to educate their dealer techs on break squeal.

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