F&M Trust: Life is Money
I co-wrote, directed, and oversaw post-production on this campaign of :30 TV and :15 cutdown online videos for the delightful people at Pavone. In fact, they're live and airing right now. No doubt promoting positive engagement for the Pittsburg-based banking chain.
I directed this online teaser for the fourth installment of this Emmy nominated cult classic. And yes, Thomas Ian Griffith looks just as intimidating in person.
Porsche: Break Squeal
I worked directly with the client on this project: writing, directing, and overseeing the post/CGI work. It’s the most successful film I’ve been a part of directing, as it’s done wonders for the brand's bottom line, while changing dealer technicians and car enthusiasts' perceptions around break squeal. Here's the case study.
Starburst: Original Fruit Chews
Working on Starburst, while at DDB, I came up with the campaign idea “Unleash the Juicy.” My boss loved it. But, unfortunately, the client went a different direction. Still, I liked this particular script I’d written. So, I decided to produce it with the help of some great friends and some gracious local vendors. Thanks gang!
Doritos: Infinite Doritos
A friend of mine (EVP of production at Filmworkers) and I came up with this commercial, which I wrote/directed and he produced for submission in Dorito’s final Crash the Super Bowl Contest. We didn't end up winning the on air time slot or the prize money, but we did have one hell of a good time making it.
Converse: Chuck Taylor All Star
I directed this one-off online video/event film, while working with the wonderful and talented folks at Whitehouse Post.

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